Getting on the Good Side of Google Hummingbird Through The Use of Original SEO Post in Webpages

The use of original SEO post or content on websites was not given that much of attention a couple of years back. This gave a lot of power to spammers and to those who are using plagiarized content on websites. It is very common to see spun articles and pages with irrelevant keywords. The whole thing is beneficial for those who have businesses that depend on traffic and top rankings in search engines. However, it is also pretty annoying for those who are browsing the internet in search of actual information, services, and products.

We all know how the Big G or Google reacted to this. The algorithm updates that it implemented 2 years ago really rocked the world of SEO and E-commerce. We all know what effects the Google Panda and Penguin updates had on majority of the websites that we have. Thousands of them were literally wiped out in the online world for using BHSEO or Black Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. Only sites that have original SEO post or content on their pages survived the implementation of these updates.

SEOIt appeared that Google is not yet finished with its updates and came up with the Hummingbird. The Google Hummingbird algorithm update places more emphasis on original SEO post or content in web based sites. In the past, it is all about the presence of keywords and links in web pages that matter. This time around, this update requires websites to provide content that will really give what surfers are looking for. As an example, the content found on a specific page should be answers to the questions that surfers might type on the query bar of search engines. For the category “plumbers in Seattle”, a webpage must present sets of information that will answer questions such as:

• Who are the best plumbers in Seattle?

• Which plumbing companies in Seattle are the best to hire?

• How much do plumbing service companies in Seattle charge today?

Website owners are now exerting efforts to get on the good side of Google Hummingbird. The rewards for using original SEO post in a website will be totally worth it. The rank that will be gained by a site will have more meaning. Surfers can now rely on search engines to give more accurate results when queries are made.

Those who will aim to come up and use original content on sites should not encounter many difficulties. This is for the reason that Google is now more transparent about what it requires in the content that should be found on websites. The content should be:

• Original and engaging: It should be based on the kind and purpose of the website. Of course, its contents should be focused on what information would most likely be needed by those who will visit the site. The content becomes engaging or interesting enough when it really answers possible questions of site visitors.

• Back links that are organic in nature: Contrary to the belief of many people, Google Hummingbird still places value on back links. The condition here is that the back links should come from authority sites that are closely related to the site of the webmaster.

• Keywords: The number of keywords should be totally moderated and is in compliance with the policies of Google about keyword density. These keywords should be placed in strategic places of the web page or website.

The use of original SEO post or content in websites is something that would put webmasters in the good side of Google Hummingbird. This is a type of information that should be taken advantage of by those who own business websites.